What is DC IoT

“DC IoT” stands for “Dynamic Coalition on the Internet of Things”, and this is one of the Dynamic Coalitions that have been set up over time to support the work on important issues within the framework of the Internet Governance Forum. The concept of Dynamic Coalitions and a number of coalitions were established as a result of the first IGF meeting in Athens. These coalitions are informal, issue-specific groups comprising members of various stakeholder groups.
The idea to establish a Dynamic Coalition on the Internet of Things goes back to the 3rd IGF in Hyderabad in 2008 where a group of experts had a workshop on IoT and investigated ways how to promote future cooperation. The group, headed by Francis Muguet from the University of Geneva, included members from government (Bernard Benhamou from the French government and the Michael Niebel from the European Commission), civil society (Anriette Esterhuysen from APC), private sector (Sophie le Pallec/GS1, Bob Kahn/CNRI, Caroline Greer/dotMobi) and the academictechnical community (Avri Doria/Lulea Technology University, Wolfgang Kleinwächter/University of Aarhus, Brian Cute/ICANN and Latif Ladid/IPv6 Consortium). The group proposed to organize an expert workshop in spring 2009 and to prepare another workshop for the 4th IGF in Sharm el Sheik.
The expert workshop was organized in April 2009 in cooperation with the FP 7 EURO‐NF research project and produced a report which included an encouragement to move forward towards the establishment of an IGF DC IoT. Unfortunately the chair elect of the DC, Francis Muguet passed away in summer 2009. During the 5th IGF in Vilnius in 2010, the still existing network organized another workshop and formally established a DC IoT, and elected Wolfgang Kleinwächter as chair. Details on how to progress the DC IoT were discussed during a workshop in Leipzig in spring 2011 (again in Cooperation with the EURO‐NF research project on the Governance Dimension of the Internet of Things/GOVPIMIT). The workshop produced another report and concluded that one of the key challenges for future work is the development of a working definition of the “Governance of the Internet of Things”. The group prepared a third IGF Workshop for the 6th IGF in Nairobi where it had also a formal inauguration meeting of the IoT DC. It has had sessions during all IGFs since to progress the understanding of the issues involved, and continued to meet intersessionally, at several occasions, to further progress its agenda. In 2012, Avri Doria was elected as chair. During the meeting of the DC-IoT on 4 September 2014 at the 9th IGF in Istanbul, Maarten Botterman was elected as chair. In 2015, DC IoT presented and discussed a Good Practice on IoT policies paper, which has evolved in 2016. In 2017, focus will be on strengthening participation and development of further insights, possibly with the creation of one or more “balanced briefing papers. The Global Good Practice paper will continue to be updated.
The purpose of the Dynamic Coalition on the Internet of Things is mainly to look into new emerging opportunities of the IoT and to develop a strategy on how to frame a new policy discussion around those new opportunities. Participants have come from all stakeholder groups: government, private sector, technical community as well as civil society.

How to join

Participation is free to all interested to contribute to the debate, from all stakeholder groups of all regions in the world. Registration to the mailing list dc_iot@intgovforum.org can be done by clicking here.

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