Upcoming events

IGF DC IoT expects do meet in 2017 at the following occasion:

  • For the 9th time during the IGF (since 2008 in Hyderabad) the DC IoT will have its gathering in Geneva. Whereas IoT was in very early phases than, with relatively niche interest, it has moved center stage and will be part of multiple discussions at IGF – from different perspectives.

    IoT is here to stay, and it is something we need to be able to find a sustainable way forward for the world – whether it is disaster warning networks, enabling self-driving cars or simply to remind you to turn off the stove … yet like all technology – it can also be used for illegal and harmful purposes. Our aim is to agree on “good practice” from a global, multistakeholder perspective.

    Our current paper can be found via this link. Please contribute your thoughts in the “comments” per section of the paper.

    Our session during IGF in Geneva starts at 15:00 on Tuesday 19 December (tentatively Room XIII-E).

    We are looking forward to your comments, and looking forward to see you in Geneva if you can make it.

If you want to host a IGF DC IoT event in your region, please send us an email.