No. 40 Internet of Things – Challenges, Policy and Development

8th IGF – 22 to 25 October 2013 in Bali, Indonesia


The Internet as an Engine for Growth and Advancement

The IoT is a highly promising economic sector for sustainability, growth, innovation and employment which will have also social impacts and affects public policy Internet Governance issues as managing critical resources (identifiers), privacy, security and competition law. It is closely linked to the development of new Internet applications, the mobile Internet and cloud computing. The workshop will discuss how the future development of IOT can become an engine for growth and development, in particular in developing countries where mobile communication has allowed leapfrogging in selected areas of the emerging Internet economy.
At the same time, countries with developing economies face critical challenges that can be addressed using solutions based on M2M communications and smart technology solutions. Examples of such applications will be presented. The workshop will also discuss what kind of policies and what type of regulations are needed to promote the exploitation of the potential of innovative IOT applications by recognizing risks and threats, in particular for privacy and security. The epitome of the workshop is intended to enable the IGF IOT Dynamic Coalition to draft an “IOT agenda 2015” and a work plan for next steps and future activities.



  • Hosein Badran, ISOC Egypt, Technical Community, EGYPT,
  • Dan Caprio, Tech America, Private Sector, UNITED STATES
  • Christoph Steck, ETNO, Private Sector, SPAIN
  • Massimiliano Minisci, GS1,  Private Sector, BELGIUM
  • Mikhail Komarov, National Research University Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Civil Society, RUSSIAN FEDERATION
  • Leonardus Nugraha, Center for Innovation, Policy and Governance, INDONESIA
  • n.n., EU Commission, Intergovernmental Organizations, BELGIUM [tbc]
  • Fiona Alexander, US Department of Commerce, Government, UNITED STATES [tbc]

Moderator: Wolfgang Kleinwächter, University of Aarhus

Remote Moderator: Sandra Hoferichter, Medienstadt Leipzig e.V.



The session will look into the following issues and questions:

  1. The Definition of IOT: A special sector or just another application?
  2. The Opportunity of IOT: Are there emerging new markets?
  3. The Governance of IOT: Is there a need for any special rules or mechanisms?
  4. Privacy in the IOT: How to make sure that high data protection standards are implemented in IOT applications?

Please provide presentations in advance, so that the limited time of the session will be not being wasted with lengthy speeches. The moderator will ask for active participation from the audience after a first round of short basic presentations from the panelists.

Agenda for download as pdf.