Accommodation & Transportation

6th Annual Workshop of the IGF Dynamic Coalition on the Internet of Things (IGF.DC.IOT)

Dresden Hilton Hotel, July 14-15, 2017, Dresden, Germany


Our sponsors in 2017:
Afilias Global Registry Services
VeriSign Authentication Services
eco Verband der deutschen Internetwirtschaft e. V.

Accommodation and Conference Venue

The meeting takes place in the Dresden Hilton Hotel in Dresden/Germany. We have reserved a limited number of rooms. Please use the booking link for special rates. The entire URL must be used to work properly. Last date for reserved booking is 25. June 2017.
For other hotels please use the online booking service of the “City of Dresden” Website

How to get to Dresden:

Please use the informations at the website of the “City of Dresden” on how to get to Dresden.
From Dresden main station a taxi ride to the hotel is less than 10.00 €. If you arrive via Dresden Airport, a taxi to the hotel is about 35.00 €. You can take also the S-Bahn until Dresden Main Station and take a taxi there.